In this video tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to beautify Sublime Text from it’s default look by installing a custom theme. Since we already have Package Control installed, we’re good to go. So, fire up sublime text and open the command palette by pressing Command+Shift+P on Mac or Ctrl+Shift+P on Windows.

Type in install and select the Package Control: Install Package option. This will query the package control repositories and will show you a list of packages. Select the Material Theme package and install it in Sublime Text. Once Material Theme is installed, Sublime Text will ask you to install a companion package A File Icon. Install that too. A File Icon package will show icons before your filenames in the sidebar depending on the file type.

Activate the theme by selecting Material Theme: Activate option from the Command Palette. This will immediately transform Sublime Text’s look. If for some reason, you see some glitches or some areas not properly set, just restart Sublime Text and you’ll be good to go.