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About Me!

Hi, I’m Waqas Ashraf, an entrepreneur, technical trainer and an enthusiastic technology follower. I have more than 20 years of rich and enormous experience in Web Design, Development and Architecture. I am equipped with a wide array of skills and a broad knowledge base to draw from.

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work in a number of environments from startups to SMEs. Every environment was a completely different challenge. Startups require a lot of your attention and focus since they are focusing on being successful. While, SMEs give you a completely different challenge that you have to fix a problem without creating another.

I’ve enjoyed a long and varied career. Over the years, I’ve worn my hats (Teacher, Developer, Consultant, Project Manager, Department Head etc.)

As a result of this varied career, I feel that I posses a great understanding of how to approach online businesses and plenty of experience in the nitty gritty details of implementation. Also my experience makes for a well rounded, mature perspective when it comes to web development, and doing online business that I take great pride in.

Problem-Solving Approach

I take pride in the way I go about approaching and solving problems, whether they be technical, or otherwise, always with a cool head, and a systematic approach. I am always up for a challenge, driven, self-motivated, resourceful and ambitious.

As a multi-skilled person, I pride myself on my ability to take a methodical and responsible approach in solving the problems.

I strive to write code of the highest standard, clean, well documented, efficient and extensible. My technologies of choice are PHP, MySQL, Linux, and Apache, otherwise known as the LAMP stack. Also, I like to work with Nginx, front-end JS libraries like jQuery, VueJS, ReactJS etc.

I focus on results, user centered design, and the user experience keeping in mind business goals as the guiding principle. I believe I have more than a good intuition and a gut that serves me well in making critical decisions that affect a company’s bottom line online.

What am I Doing?

I founded a Software Development Agency (Cooperative Computing) in 2012 with 2 partners and enjoying every bit of it. I’m CTO of Cooperative Computing and my responsibilities include grooming my team to use latest technologies in achieving great results. We build small to enterprise class solutions for different clients.

I built this platform (Wacky Techno) to share my experience and knowledge with the people in the same industry. I’m trying to build this platform as a hub for professionals and students. Who can visit here to learn about new technologies, how to use them.

I believe that by sharing one can increase his/her skills and knowledge more, instead of just keeping everything to themselves. Like a wise person said “Sharing is Caring